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Traditions Reimagined

Reservation Required

We love Groups
Groups of 6 or more
(Reservations Required)

When you are coming in a group of 6 or more, we require reservations to be sure we can accommodate you. Also, since we make our food fresh daily, we need to know you are coming so that we are certain we have made enough. 

When we can, we will arrange your group to sit at the same table or tables brought together for you. However, the larger the group the more likely we will need to simply seat your group at nearby tables in a cluster. 
Casual Lunch
Tuesday to Friday 11am to 1:00pm

A causal lunch of fresh-made options is served on a walk-in basis.  Our food is made fresh and served on real dishes, the way lunch is supposed to be. Enjoy the experience with friends or co-workers or perhaps solo with a book. 

If you do call ahead, we will reserve a table for you and let you know the specials for the day. 

6 or more: Reservations required.

Tea & Coffee
We offer a large variety of loose leaf teas and gourmet coffees.

There is virtually nothing so satisfying as a properly brewed pot of premium tea or gourmet coffee. We offer over 24 kinds of hot loose leaf tea and will soon have a variety of gourmet coffees perfectly prepared just for you. 

Check out the menu link "Brews" 

Carry-out  Lunch
Tuesday - Friday 11am to 1;00 pm

Yes, we do carry out. You can check out our menu page, call ahead, and we will have it ready for you when you get here. 

Call: 502-875-0485
Reserve the Whole Place
Contact us well in advance of your very special Event to reserve the whole place to yourselves.

There are times when a group needs to reserve the whole place for a spcial event or meeting. Please call us well in advance to schedule this date and to work out the particulars of your specially arranged menu. Our place is perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, reunions, bridal brunches, club meetings and more. 

Call Ahead

We can deliver (limited area, advanced arrangements)
Contact us well in advance to make arrangements for us to deliver your group lunch to your location.

For orders of $50.00 or more, if you will contact us a day or so before, we will make arrangements to deliver your group lunch to your location. We can deliver to any state Office Building, large office, or hotel. Use a credit or debit card to place your order. We add a 20% gratuity for our driver. We can deliver at your specified time between 11am and 2pm. Leave us a phone number and we can call or text you when we are on our way to make it convenient for you to meet us at the door. 
Call: 502-875-0485

Shop while you are here. 

We can Deliver 

Our Gift Shop is full of unique and unusal gifts, clothing, home decor, and of course... Candleberry Candles. 

Gift Shop Hours:
Sunday                        1pm to 4pm
Monday                              Closed
Tuesday - Friday ​        10am to 3pm
Saturday                    10am to 4pm
We can deliver gift shop purchases of $60.00 or more to any location in the Frankfort, Kentucky area. Use a credit or debit card to make your purchase. We will schedule a delivery time when you place the order and will call or text you when we are on our way. We add a 20% gratuity for our driver. 

*** Our delivery time schedule is dependent on availablilty of our driver, but can even be after hours. 

We are proud to be a small locally owned and operated business. We are interested in keeping our community unique and prospering.

Frankfort is a unique place because of the hardworking owners of small locally owned and operated businesses . We are proud to be part of that group. We appreciate your support of our business and ask that you also seek out and support other small locally owned businesses in this our community.