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Gift Box is proud 
to carry a full line of 
Candleberry Candles! 
We carry the FULL LINE of Candleberry Candles!  
The widest selecton available anywhere!

Note: We sell Candleberry Candles at the lowest price authorized by The Candleberry Candle Company.  We never sell factory seconds. Our customers know the quality of these candles and keep coming back for more. The Candleberry Company makes what we consider to be one of the finest candles on the market today. 

As candle lovers ourselves (we burn Candleberry Candles in our shop and tea room everyday), we appreciate a candle that burns clean (virtually no smoke) and is very heavily scented all the way through to the end of the burn. That is what you get consistently with Candleberry Candles. 

There are sixty-eight (68) different scents to choose from in the Candleberry Candle fall/ winter lineup. Unlike most retail outlets that carry this line of candles, The Gift Box stocks every one of them. The Candleberry Company was founded on the basis of family tradition. Most of the candles they have created relate to a traditional ritual or family favorite. Its hard to find exactly what you want in a scent, so they took their time in finding what everyone would want. If a scent was not clean enough, rich enough, or did not have enough strength, or sweetness, they reconstructed its composition until it was perfected. 

There are no "average" candles in the entire line. 

The candles come in various sizes: 
Large 26oz (150-160 hours of burn time) 
Small 10oz (50-60 hours of burn time) 
Cookie Jar 160oz (600-1000 hours of burn time) 
and Tarts 4-1/2oz (25 hours of burn time)
We offer these candles as the manufacturer's minimum allowable retail price. If you find them for less anywhere else, then you should question if the retailer is selling "seconds" or a knock-off brand. 

Making a quality candle is very a very complicated and sensitive endeavor. The Candleberry Candle Company went through grueling testing to make the best candles possible. Their efforts finally achieved a group of candles that are unsurpassed in the industry for quality, consistancy, and value. 

 If coming from out of town to get your candles, you can call ahead (502-875-0485) and we can set yours aside for you. Although we work deligently to keep candles in stock, they do sell quickly and sometimes we can run out of a specific scent or size temporarily. Cookie Jar candles need to be ordered ahead and there is a two to three day wait period for the order to arrive in our shop.  

Hot Maple Toddy is the most popular scent. Maple and honey with a touch of lemon. Grandma used to cure all ailments with her special cup of warm spirits dashed with lemon juice. The best part was the spoonful of maple honey. And does this candle ever cure your olfactory senses! Get ready for the best candle ever!