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Interested in learning more about Church Partnering?

Email us at or
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Candleberry's is Partnering with Local Churches
Since 2007, we have been partnering with local churches by giving back to participating churches when members of their congregation patronize our tearoom for lunch. 

Michele and I are the Owners of Candleberry’s Tea Room and Café. The Lord has blessed us in our business and is guiding us through the current economic down turn. We have been praying for opportunities to give a little more back to His Work. 

One of the ways we are working on to accomplish this, is to offer nearby Churches a fund raising opportunity. Below is how it works. If you believe this program is something that your church would like to participate in, we welcome you! 

Step One: Complete and return to us the attached registration form to sign your church up for the program. We will review the registration form, pray about it and then make a decision if your church's teachings are consistent with our beliefs and faith.

Step Two: Let your congregation know that when they visit our restaurant for either Lunch, when they pay their check they should write their name and the name of your church on the back side. Our Server will place the paid check in a special envelope designated for churches participating in this program. 

​Step Three: At the end of each quarter we will gather all the paid checks for your church, provide you with an accounting of the activity your members have had at our restaurant and forward a check to you in the amount of 10% of the total of the paid checks. 

It is possible for your church to earn enough funds for that special church project or some other ministry you are involved with. All your members need to do is come enjoy our fresh made food and desserts and let us know they are from your church by putting the information on the back of their paid check. 

Please note that this 10% is not a tithe, we tithe our entire business to our own church. This is an extra praise offering to our main business partner and savior, to further His Work and to thank Him for His continued blessings and guidance in our lives and business. 

If you need further explanation of how this will work, please contact Andrew at 

Churches currently participatng in the Partnering
First Presbyterian Church
Frankfort, KY
First Christian Church
Frankfort, KY
Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene
Frankfort, KY
Highland Christian Church
Frankfort, KY
Hope Lutheran Church
Frankfort, KY
Memorial Baptist Church
Frankfort, KY
Immanuel Baptist Church
Frankfort, KY
First Church of God
Frankfort, KY
The Antioch Church
Frankfort, KY
Buck Run Baptist Church
Frankfort, KY
The House of Refuge Life Center
Frankfort, KY

Print out the following form and have your pastor complete the information and then mail it back to us.


Purpose of this form is to register our church to participate in the Candleberry’s Tearoom & Café “church partnering” fund raising program. We understand that by registering, Candleberry’s will send us a periodic check equal to 10% of the restaurant tickets from members of our congregation that identify our church when they pay their bill. Candleberry’s will send with the check an accounting of the congregation participation for our church records.

Date of Registration: ___________________, 20____
Name of Church: ________________________________________ 
Mailing Address:________________________________________ 
City/ State/ Zip: _________________________________________

Church Website: ________________________________________

Contact Person:__________________ Phone: ____________________ 
Pastors Name:__________________ Phone: ____________________ 

As Pastor of this church, I am aware and in agreement that our church can participate in this fund raising program. 

Make out our church’s check to: ___________________________________________ 

Pastor’s Signature: __________________________ Date: ___________ 

Mail to: 
Andrew and Michele Casebier 
Candleberry Tea Room and Café 
1502 Louisville Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601