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The taking of “Afternoon Tea” 
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History of Afternoon Tea 
Afternoon Tea Today 
What exactly is "taking afternoon tea" at Candleberry’s? While some definitely know what afternoon tea is, others simply will scratch their heads and ask, “what’s that?” They have no idea there is such a thing. If you have no idea what afternoon tea is, it’s time to learn about it now. 

Do you remember hosting imaginary tea parties with your dolls as a little girl? Or, have you ever been swept away by a victorian novel or movie where the heroine and her closest friends solved all their troubles over a shared cup of tea?

 Candleberry’s can bring both the memories and the romance to life with an actual teaparty for you and your group. 

Afternoon Tea is held on SATURDAYS by reservation only.

Afternoon Tea is a delightful repast of delicious treats including a pot of flavored tea, finger sandwiches and other miniature savories, scones, and other sweets. Historically, an English Tradition, Afternoon Tea is traditionally served in the mid-afternoon as a way to stave off hunger to a later, evening meal. 

You can take the opportunity to enjoy Afternoon Tea at Frankfort’s premier local tea room, Candleberry Tea.  

The cost is $21.95 per person ($18.95 children between ages 11-12). Please note that we do not recommend Afternoon Tea for children under 11, since they are most likely not going to understand the traditions. 

Reservations are required 48 hours in advance because we will be making fresh for you the morning of your tea. We welcome parties of all sizes! - please call for details.  

Candleberry Tea serves Afternoon Tea at 11:00am on Saturdays by advanced reservation only and we focus on making this event a unique, relaxing time with your special friends, family, or business colleagues. Afternoon tea can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to properly enjoy. 

There is something about the taking of tea that is extra special. Tea brings with it a sense of calm and purposely provides a real, calming, atmosphere to share with a friend, a group of friends or collegues or your family.  

We invite you to experience the enchantment of  “afternoon tea” with us.

At Candleberry’s, we bring the memories of yesteryear tea parties to life with your friends and family. Our dining room is beautifully set with lace tablecloths, china dishes and a unique victorian decor. 

Our Afternoon tea is served in distinct courses and includes two choices of hot tea for your table – served in colorful teapots -- that you may select from our menu of more than 34 fine loose leaf teas, delicious fresh-baked scones with actually hand-whipped heavy cream, a cup of our “signature” herb tomato soup (or our soup duJour if you so choose), and tiered tea trays filled with exquisite savoies and sweets. The savories and sweets change often to highlight our delightful sandwich spreads/ quiche/ dessserts and the special flavors of the season or current holiday. All our food is homemade in our own kitchen. Our tiered tea trays are prepared with attention to detail. Who said tea-parties are just for little girls? Not Candleberry’s!  

Reservations are required for all “afternoon teas”. We can only serve “afternoon tea” to those with reservations. Our “afternoon teas” are special and elegant, and therefore require specialized planning, preparation and staffing. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours before your planned “afternoon tea” visit. However, because of the amount of special attention we give to “afternoon tea” patrons, we can only accept a limited number of groups, therefore making your reservations serveral days or weeks ahead of your “afternoon tea” insures that we will be able to accommodate you. 

When placing a reservation we will ask the following questions: 

1. Your name and phone number. 

2. The number of adults in your group and if there are any 
children. If so, we will ask their ages. We serve children's versions of our “Afternoon Tea” and the cost is less. A child is considered children ages 11-12 years old.(*Please note, we respectfully discourage bringing children under the age of 11, including infants, to ensure that everyone in your party and our other guests will have a pleasant experience.) 

3. We ask that you arrive just several minutes before your reservation.  

4. Credit Card information to reserve your place. We need a credit card to hold your “afternoon tea” reservation. The credit card will not be billed for your reservation unless you fail to notify us to cancel your tea at least 24 hours in advance. Our afternoon teas are special and require specialized planning, preparation and staffing. On the day of your visit for afternoon tea, you may select your method of payment. Information required from your credit card: Name on the card, credit card number, zip code, three digit code on the back of your card, and expiration date. 

Reservations may be placed by calling 502-875-0485.  
You may also request a reservation if it is more than seven (7) days in advance by emailing Michele at . When emailing your reservation, please provide a phone number you can be reached for questions or confirmation. Do not place your credit card information in the email, we will contact you for this information to insure security for you.  

An unconfirmed reservation will not be held. 

The elegant ritual of Afternoon Tea is credited to Anna, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford. As was customary during the later 1700's and early 1800's, people would eat a huge breakfast, tiny lunch, and then a substantial dinner around 8:00 at night. The Duchess, describing a "sinking feeling" during the afternoon, began to request tea and cakes to tide her over. Soon, she invited her friends to share the ritual with her, and it quickly became fashionable, treasured custom. ​
The refined custom of afternoon tea is a wonderful way to take a respite from the hectic pace of today's busy world. Allow us to pamper you and your guests in our warm and inviting atmosphere. Afternoon tea is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with a cherished friend, or beloved child or parent. Special events will seem even more special when celebrated with this long standing ritual of sharing friendship, love, and delicious tea and pastries.

Join us for afternoon tea and make memories for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, holiday events, or any other event you just want to remember.