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Premium Tea Menu

Apricot - This is an elegant tea with the warm, nutty flavor of Apricot predominating. A perennial favorite.

BLueberry Green - A Chinese green tea with lemongrass, blueberries and vanilla. A pleasingly fresh tee.

Capri - A black tea from Northern Italy with figs and vanilla. A pleasingly naturally sweet tea with a hint of citrus.

Chocolate Mint  - A lovely black tea with chocolate flavoring and peppermint leaves. You will think you are drinking dessert!

Cranberry Autumn Blend  - A blend of black teas from China & India with dried cranberries, oranges, and cranberry flavoring.

Earl Grey   - A gift from China to the British Prime Minister, Earl Grey. Our blend of Earl Grey uses four teas from India and China, blended with precious, natural Oil of Bergamot.

English Breakfast  - Ours has an ancient pedigree. Researchers trace its heritage back to the teas that the English drank regularly in the 1800's. It is, simply, China Black Keemun.

Florence - Since we can't always be sipping hot cocoa while sitting in the Palazzo della Signoria, we can sip this decadent blend of chocolate and hazelnut and dream we are there.

Hot Cinnamon Spice -- This is an assertive blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves.

Indian Spice - Assam tea, freshly ground cardamom, and spices combined together to create this hauntingly subtle spiced tea.

Irish Breakfast  - 100% Assam tea, like most traditional Irish blends. Our version is a little more refined than some brands. An all time favorite tea for tea lovers all over the world.

Jasmine  - Made from Pouchong tea that is slightly browner than green tea. Fresh jasmine flowers are added for a delicate and fragrant brew.

Peaches and Ginger  - A popular black tea blend combining the flavors of fresh peaches with ginger. It contains pieces of real peaches and ginger. If you like ginger, you will love this tea!

Russian Country - A blend of four black teas and a smoked green tea with a touch of Lapsang. It is a soft but robust tea with a smoky flavor.

Strawberry/ Kiwi  - A rich flavorful "tea" as delicious to look at as it is to drink with rosehips, hibiscus, fruit and natural flavorings.
Apricot  - This is a very elegant tea with the warm, nutty flavor of Apricot predominating. A perennial favorite for many.

Vanilla  - The natural sweetness and rich flavor makes this an irresistible delight. The aroma will take you back to the kitchen baking sugar cookies with your grandmother.

Yellow & Blue - A floral rapture. This is a great blend of chamomile, lavender, and corn flowers.


Blood Orange Fruit Tea (decaffeinated)  - This tea is the prefect combination of citrus and tartness. Also, the smell of it is absolutely enchanting.

Chamomile (Caffeine Free)  - Egypt provides the finest chamomile flowers of which this tea uses only flower heads - no extenders. This produces a tisane with definite body. Our chamomile has an unusually strong, fresh scent that reminds one of green apples. Often served as a calmative.

Cherry Blossom (Caffeine Free)  - A blend of green teas and the vibrant flavor of plump, frangrant cherries. A Spring awakening of the senses.
Organic Green Tea with Citrus & Ginkgo (Caffine Free)  - A hand picked organic green tea from Southern India. This refreshing blend delivers the benefits associated with green tea and ginkgo, along with the bright taste of natural citrus. A tea for those who want an organic tea, and also want to enjoy the benefits of green tea. Fresh and Focused.

Orgainic Green Tea with Citrus and Ginkgo (Caffeine Free) -- Organic green tea from India. This refreshing blend of ginkgo and citrus.

Peppermint Herbal (Caffeine Free)  - From Oregon comes a marvelous, brisk peppermint. The peppermint leaves from this area produce a great smelling and crisp tasting tisane. A cup of this tea can also get a pesky stomach under control in no time.

Spiced Plum (Caffeine Free) -- A blend of spices and the fresh taste of fall plum makes this one of the favorites around here.

Tropical Green (Decaffeinated) -- A hand-blended mix of green teas with a dominant pineapple flavor. Discover this fresh twist on traditional greens.

Verveine (Lemon Verbena) Decaffeinated  - The big green leaves produce an unusually full-bodied herbal yellow liquid with a wonderful aroma. Served to great raves.
Gourmet Coffee Menu
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