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We are looking to sell our building in order to relocate. 

Our business opportunity offer is for the right people to purchase our building and real property... and if so inclined to also take over operation of the existing business.

  We have been the Owners of Candleberry Tearoom and The Gift Box for over twelve years now. We have found the experience of owning our own business, especially this business, to be both rewarding and satisfying. This is the type of business that provides an opportunity to be successful while at the same time enjoying the privilege of meeting new people from not only all over our state but from other states as well.
Candleberry is a one of a kind place that attracts people from all walks of life and from places near and far. The Boutique (Gift Box) offers the unique and unusual – gifts, home décor, fashion, and interesting. We proudly know that there is no comparable place to ours anywhere around. This uniqueness makes our business both a tourist destination place and a hometown favorite. 
We are at a point in our career that we are beginning to prepare for retirement. Our retirement plans include moving from Frankfort to a location closer to family members that currently are at a considerable distance from us. Another part of our plans for retirement is to be active in Christian Ministry fulltime. It has come time for us to offer our business and real estate property for sale. 
We are anticipating that someone looking to own their own business and to thrive in an atmosphere of enjoyment and fulfillment will find Candleberry and The Gift Box to be a perfect match to their interests and capabilities. Owning a unique eatery and boutique (gift shop) is an opportunity that does not come around all the time. We were fortunate to have found this business opportunity at the right time in our lives and have enjoyed being the proud proprietors of such a landmark establishment.
If you are interested in finding out more of the business opportunity. please email Andy Casebier at If the infomration you are seeking cannot be relayed by email, Andy will set up a time to discuss by phone or in person.
The building and real property is in a prime heavy traffic area that can attract both local customers and tourists from elsewhere.
TThe Business (which is offered separately) is a well-established business that has been in continual operation for over 30 years.
 The business opportunity includes the building and real property in which the business we own and operate has operated in for nearly 30 years now. Our primary offer is the building and real property, but if you are so inclined the businesses are available also.

We have guests from not only the Frankfort Area but from all points in Kentucky. We also have guests from adjoining states of Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. These guests remember the location and return time and time again. That makes this location the optimum spot for our businesses and requires little to no advertising to have repeat business from these returning quests. The building is in a prime location on a very highly travelled roadway that attracts customers from the local area and from far reaches.
Candleberry and the boutique (Gift Box) have their own buildings that are attached to one another by an interior walkway. This arrangement allows the two businesses to have distinct open hours but continue to function as one business. The two businesses create cross business between the two as each attracts their own customers.
The eatery has kitchen equipment and furnishings necessary for its function and these are included in the purchase price. The Gift Shop has retail equipment andy furnishings necessary for its function and these are included in the purchase price.
The purchase price also includes all eatery and retail inventoried supplies, recipes, wholesale sources and merchandise at the time of purchase.